Lease Extension Formula Spreadsheet


Formula 1

All that remains for me to do is to offer a download spreadsheet of the formula.

Online widgets as you know do not offer all the functionality of the formula. I have included as much as so far found studying Upper Tribunal cases, such as the various variables aside from ground rent increments and lease values. Continue reading “Lease Extension Formula Spreadsheet”

Lease extensions – the variables

einsteen sheep and formula

The Variables are not, as far as I know, an old rock band from the seventies – if they were, I am certain Johnnie Walker would be playing them. I’ve already listed most of them in the previous article but here again are the ‘band’ members: Continue reading “Lease extensions – the variables”

Ground Rent

Ground rent lettering 2

Spotlight 2012Any doubt as to the incentive to sustain leasehold over commonhold is perfectly summarised in an innocent Savills Spotlight Research report in May 2012 titled Spotlight Ground Rents Spring 2012 headlined “Ground rents are set to become an attractive investment in a growing market”. Three quotes are of particular note: Continue reading “Ground Rent”