A leaseholder for twenty years I am.

I am not a solicitor, nor a surveyor. Please do not make any decision or take any action based on my views, opinions or comments as to law, rights or any other aspect of leasehold living. Do your own research, as I did, form your own opinions, as I did, and make your own judgments, as I did, and most of all take professional advice as I did.

A source of free advice is the government backed Leasehold Advisory Service.
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For what my views matter, I do not support or agree with LEASE if it strays away from giving legal advice to leaseholders about their rights and responsibilities.

I believe a government funded legal advice resource should be for leaseholders, who after all pay all the costs in the leasehold caper.

Everyone else as far as I can see are  in a commercial role. And to any exploiters among them I say…