Former ARMA regulator on self regulation

COMMONHOLD CASTLEIncredible article by Sally Keeble, former ARMA regulator on the excellent Leasehold Knowledge Partnership site.

Those guys should have shamed all the other industry bodies into silence.

To read the clarity of understanding of the former MP of the problems in the leasehold industry given her recent role is reassuring that surely this time Government will at last listen to the evidence of their eyes and abolish leasehold?

What else would work? The courts have refused to penalise freeholders as far as I can see. Managing agents seem as useful as a chocolate fireguard. Self regulation and, as Sally Keeble acknowledges, weak codes of practice that are easy to circumvent, all add up to a toxic mix.

I didn’t know until I read her article that agents often operate without contracts! There was our little RTMC always insisting on one. Silly us. Hardly any point having Qualifying Long term Agreement regulations if there is no agreement? or is that one of the reasons?

We will soon know what is afoot with the DCLG.

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