Reform – Legal Sector Group suggestions

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Quote: “The Legal Sector Group (LSG) – comprised of The Conveyancing Association (CA), the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx), Bold Legal Group (BLG) and The Society of Licensed Conveyancers (SLC) – have today (20th June 2017) published its complete proposals on Leasehold reform.”

I have already referred to the response by the Conveyancing Association (CA), in which the CA associated those suggestions with its contribution to the Legal Sector Group consultation.

The LSG’s response comprises three pages of bullet points (for what its worth, by comparison I submitted a 42 page response not counting appendices, but I included a lot of case law, calculations, and graphs – might as well be overlooked on a large scale!).

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Lease extensions for flats – surely just another scam?


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Perhaps I have missed something…?

So you know how it works on the BBC show, Homes under the Hammer: canny buyers pick up a bargain derelict property at auction, gut the interiors and have the local experts round to gush over the yield potential on their investment and initiative. The canny buyer pays once for the deal. The rest of their outlay goes on the building. Pretty much any freehold transaction goes this route, whether it is a derelict at auction or general trade. Continue reading “Lease extensions for flats – surely just another scam?”

Leasehold reform – will it make any difference?

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Well, the consultation is over…

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Six thousand is significantly up on the 956 responses in 1998, which seem to me to have been largely ignored in favour of predetermined notions of what was needed to reform the sharper edges of leasehold tenure, despite the then government’s clear view, always worth repeating: Continue reading “Leasehold reform – will it make any difference?”

Dear Mr Javid

Dear Mr Javid

“Dear Mr Javid,

You do not know me. I am a residential leaseholder in England. Please do not be disappointed if you received a relatively low number of responses to your leasehold reform consultation. More importantly, please do not misinterpret this as evidence of a silent majority of happy campers. I’m sure you know this would be an absurd extrapolation. People can be rather cynical that their views actually matter, even unto failing to vote. Continue reading “Dear Mr Javid”

Leasehold reform, a never ending story?

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It would be unfair to label Parliament uncaring to the plight of leaseholders. It would also be over simplistic to assume the Noble Lords were the feudalists who always block change. I’ve been browsed the dusty annals of feudal leasehold, well…as far back as 1998 anyway. Continue reading “Leasehold reform, a never ending story?”