I am a leaseholder. It was an innocent ‘wish to be a home owner’ decision. My defense is there were no blogs or visible campaigns when I bought my flat.

This blog is not a rant. I offer practical information for leaseholders to encourage taking control. I offer experience and opinions. I do not offer legal advice. See “About” for more on this.

Just to say, the posts sometimes have multiple pages and the widget sticks the page numbers below related posts where you might not notice. I’d hate you to overlook any of my jaded wisdom.

The good news is that 2017 seems to be unfolding as a momentous time of potential change for leasehold – so far all promises, mind.

I support the National Leasehold Campaign. Katie Kendrick and the NLC group based over on Facebook set up stall only in January 2017 but have made quite a noise…

National Leasehold Campaign link (you need to log into Facebook):


NLC pic

At the time of writing NLC has almost 7000 members and receives thousands of comments from upset leaseholders (17000 in less than a month).

This blog is my way of supporting the campaign for leasehold reform having toiled for years for real and effective legal rights for myself and my neighbours.